The mission of YoungMoms is to provide the academic/vocational, relational, and parenting support pregnant and parenting young women need to improve their lives and those of their children. Over the past 6+ years, YoungMoms has helped over 150 teen moms stay in school, pursue college education or vocational training, gain the skills necessary to parent effectively, and be empowered to make healthy personal decisions. We do that through:

  • One-to-one mentoring with positive adult role models
  • Continuing education support, such as tutoring, job application assistance, connection to college enrollment and vocational training, etc.
  • Parenting education and development
  • Monthly “club” meetings involving dinner, life-skills instruction, and relationship-building with volunteers and peers in similar life situations
  • Bi-weekly Bible studies for those interested in pursuing faith issues

Teen moms face big hurdles, among them: single parenthood, poverty, domestic violence, incomplete education, language barriers, depression, lack of transportation, inadequate health care, etc. Most of our program participants lack options and don’t know how to access the resources they need to reach their potential as women and mothers.